Fairy Cheer Girl Edit

Fairy Cheer Girl is very easy to summon in an Agent deck. She can be used with just The Agent of Miracles - Jupiter with both of his effects while The Sanctuary in the Sky is on the field. You can also use Nova Summoner and Shining Angel to stall until you get 2 Level 4s on the field. The other and most interesting way is simply using The Agent of Creation - Venus to summon 2 Mystical Shine Balls and use Tannhauser Gate on them. This strategy also works with Herald of Orange Light and The Agent of Mystery - Earth. Fairies have lots of draw powah with Cards From the Sky, which makes summoning Chaos Xyz: Dark Fairy Cheer Girl and make good use of her effect. FAIRIES RULE, SO DOES FAIRY TAIL, I advise you watch it. OR JUST RAEP CHEERLEADERS AWYUS